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15 October 2014

You want a unique and original gift? A broken object that you can’t repair? A specific need for a object to be built? I can help you!

Printing on demand

Here are some website were you can find lots of printable files:

Thingiverse: The most popular website, property of MakerBot Industries. All the objects can be downloaded for free.

Youmagine: Website from Ultimaker with more quality contents. All the objects can be downloaded for free.

MyMiniFactory: All the objects have been printed at least once to check their printabily. Only quality contents! Some objects are free others are payed.

MakerShop: Website for designers. Some objects are free others are payed.

Threeding: Some objects are free others are payed.

Once you found your object, just send me a mail with the link of the object and the information on the material, color and size. A quotation will be sent to you.

Once the quotation is validated the object is printed and sent!

3D Design


You could need my services if a part of an object breaks and is not available anymore or too expensive to replace. In this case if the part is simple, a couple of pictures should be enough (with the measurements). If the part is complex you can send it to me to take the accurate measurements. A quotation with the design and printing costs will be sent, you can then decide if you want to give it a go or not!

For a specific need or a prototype I can also help you to bring your idea to reality!

Contact me with your reques!


3D Scanning

It’s also possible to scan and copy object (larger than 15cm). Of course objects protected by rights will be refused!

One more use for the scanner, is people. You need around 20 minutes of your time to have a nice scan of yourself. This scan is then cleaned et refined with a software to get it printed. Anything can then be done, mini lego statue, your head on a superman bust etc…

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