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Because 3D printing must be efficient and simple, IdeaTo3d selected the best tools for you.

You will find here a varied range of powerful, reliable and simple to use machines and materials that will fit your needs.

Simplify your life with IdeaTo3d's 3d printers, filaments and upgrades.

Have fun!


Shop for 3D Printers, 3D printing filament and upgrades

WebShop constantly evolving

Carefully selected products

Possibility to visit the showroom, (on demand only)





3D printing

3D printing of your 3D projects

Several printers and a large choice of materials to meet your demands





3D Design

3D design of your projects





Maintenance and repairs

Official repairer for Ultimaker printers






3D printing trainings for all levels

Possibility to have a fast or advanced training when you buy a machine (printer and software)



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IdeaTo3D - Impression 3D

1 month 3 days ago

New showroom in Luxembourg! I want to thank Matière Noire Studios for his trust! Matière Noire Studios is a communication agency that uses today’s most

IdeaTo3D - Impression 3D

2 months 1 day ago

Déclenchez facilement une impression 3D grâce à la gestion automatique des matériaux, au filtrage efficace de l'air et au contrôle de l'humidité des filaments. www.ideato3d.be/fr/ultimaker-3/?cxp_page=35&utm_source=fb

IdeaTo3D - Impression 3D

2 months 6 days ago

Premier choix pour des millions d'utilisateurs dans le monde, le logiciel gratuit d'Ultimaker est le moteur de découpage avancé sur lequel vous pouvez compter. Désormais,

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