Hi! My name is Didier and I'm a software developer. I have been interested in 3D printing since 2014. It all begun with an Ultimaker 2 and a few colorFabb spools.

Then I became moderator on the  Ultimaker community website. I became an official repairer for Ultimaker after following their training programs. I registered my printer on 3DHubs to give access to 3D printing to others, and became a professional Hub. The number of printers I own began to increase, to reach 11 different printers today, with which I tested many different materials and the 3DSolex upgrades.

I also invite you to check out the tutorials I publish on YouTube regularly.

And then I created this WebShop with all the products I have tried and chosen for you. I only select reliable and highly effective products, most of them are manufactured and assembled in Europe. You can find my favorite products in the top products section.

Enjoy your visit!


Shop for 3D Printers, 3D printing filament and upgrades

WebShop constantly evolving

Carefully selected products

Possibility to visit the showroom, (on demand only)





3D printing

3D printing of your 3D projects

Several printers and a large choice of materials to meet your demands





3D Design

3D design of your projects





Maintenance and repairs

Official repairer for Ultimaker printers






3D printing trainings for all levels

Possibility to have a fast or advanced training when you buy a machine (printer and software)



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