Tutorials // How do I change the feeder of the Ultimaker 2

21 July 2015

The original feeder of the Ultimaker 2 is very good, but you can make it even better. There’s a version that you can print that will ease the change of filament and which is very usefull for the maintenance of your machine. Personnaly i also think it works better because of the more accurate pressure on the filament.

First step:

Download the files of the feeder on Youmagine, print it with the recommended parameters, i used a layer height of 0.1mm and an infill of 25%.

There are different sizes of Yoke and Hub for me the 38mm version gave the best result.

To mount the feeder you have also to find some other things:

1 M3 bolt 30mm + 1 M3 nut

1 M3 bolt 14mm(ish). I used a 16mm bolt with a nut at the top to make it 14mm.


Second step:

Unmount the stock feeder. Before starting, you must unload the filament (Material -> Change)

Here’s how the feeder looks like:


It’s held in place by four bolts. These bolts also hold the step motor! I will give you a trick to avoid making the motor fall down when unmounting. If it happens, no worries, you can put it back in place by taking the inner cover off.

Start by taking the bowden off, take the blue clip away, push the white collar down and pull the tube. If it doesn’t come of take a pair of tweezers to help you get a better grip. The collar must be pushed down to release the pressure!


The unscrew three bolts out of four. To prevent the motor from falling, put something in the whole juste underneath the feeder (where the wires go), use anything you can, a screwdriver or a tube or anything that will do the trick.


Once the motor is held in place we can unscrew the last bolt.


These are the different printed parts and the stock feeder.


Third step:

Mount the new feeder. To begin, we have to take some elements of the stock feeder, we will open it

We take the spring, the ball bearing and the collar.

It’s also recommended to have a small piece of bowden tube (6mm or so), so cut off a piece of your bowden tube.

These are all that is needed to mount the feeder (and the four bolts you took off previously):


Put the piece of bowden in the feeder body:


Insert the white collar:


Put the printed hub in the ball bearing:


Mount the body and the fixing system on the printer, put the step motor in place!


Assemble the arm: put an M3 nut in the hole where it’s supposed to go, then add the yoke, and screw the 30mm bolt with the spring and the spacers. Finally add the ball bearing and secure it with the 14mm bolt.

The spring is compressed at about 13mm (space between the two spacers).


Mount the arm on the body of the feeder with the last bolt.


To insert filament, simply push it by hand until you reach the head (make sur you psse the teflon insulator), close the feeder and you’re ready to print.


To unload the filament i usually don’t use the change filament from the Ultimaker menu, I usually heat up the nozzle at around 210°c and pull it out by hand. With this feeder you can also easily change the filament during a print (Pause the print, open the feeder, pull the filament and reload).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or on the Ultimaker platform