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14 October 2014

This is a description of the equipment I have for the printing and designing service I offer. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or particular requests.

The 3D printer: Ultimaker 2

The 3D printer of Idea23D is an Ultimaker 2, I choose this printer for several reasons:

  • Very good printing quality: The Ultimaker 2 has a maximal resolution of 20 microns (0.02mm) making it one of the most precise printers in the market of desktop 3D printers. Most of the time it is not necessary to go this low because at 100 microns the result is already pretty impressive!
  • OpenSource philosophy: Ultimaker has always been linked to the OpenSource philosophy, you can find all the blueprints of the printers for free. They also involve a the community a lot in ordre to have the best product possible. Ultimaker is always keen to see the hacks or upgrades that come from the community, they are also always happy to help if needed.
  • Active and big community: The Ultimaker forum is very active and users from around the world are visiting it. In case of a problem (Hardware or printing issue) you always get fast and accurate answers, it’s a bif plus to get better and become yourself one of the gurus of the forum. The employees from Ultimaker are also present on the forum and they often answer the subjects.
  • The slicer Cura that is also OpenSource and is very powerfull and complete.

My printer in action:

The 3D scanner: Sense from 3D Systems

I choose the scanner Sense because it’s a good offer for a simple to use scanner with fast scanning. The software is easy to use and it’s possible to scan big objects and persons. It’s not adapted for small objects (less than 15cm).

To see some results of scans click here!

The filaments

I like a lot the filaments from Colorfabb, they offer a great priting quality and lots of very nice colours. The company is also very innovative in more exotic materials like theWoodFill Fine (Wood based filament), the BambooFill (Bamboo filament), the BronzeFill (Bronze filament), the CopperFill (Copper Filament) or the XT filaments (Resistant filament that doesn’t have the toxic fumes like ABS).

Here are the colors that are available at the moment for my service:

UltraMarine Blue:

Blue Grey:

Fluorescent Pink:

Traffic Red:

Dutch Orange:

Signal Yellow:

Intense Green:

Mint Turqoise:

Standard Black:

Shining Silver:

Chocolate Brown:

Greenish Beige:

Light Brown:

WoodFill Fine:




XT Naturel:

XT Black:


Colorfabb innovating continuously and new products pop out every now and then. The filaments available for me are constantly evolving, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a particular color or material.

I also have some colors from FaberDashery from the United Kingdom, it’s a very good quality filament. They sell by the meter, these are the colours available for me at the moment:

Desert Tan:

Galaxy Blue:

Princely Purple:

I also have filament from Two Bears, they produce bio-polymer filaments.

BioFila Linen:


I try to stay in the OpenSource philosophy for Softwares.


This is the software that slices the design, it produces the code (GCode) that is understood by the 3D printer. It’s called Cura and is developed by Ultimaker.

Cura is an OpenSource software, the community can develop plugins to add some special things to it. It’s very powerful and fast, it gives the hand to multiple parameters.

DesignSpark Mechanical

DesignSpark Mechanical is the free version of SpaceClaim (professional CAD), I use it to design in 3D. It’s more oriented towards mechanical parts but offers many possibilities. It’s quite easy to use and powerful.


MeshMixer is a free softwre from AutoDesk, it’s a sculpting software and is also used to transform and manipulate STL files, I mainly use it to clean scanned files.

123D Design

123D Design free software from Autodesk to design in 3D.

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