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3 December 2014

Several months ago I printed an interesting bird feeder, this one must be placed on a window. It gives the opportunity to watch the little birds that come to eat from inside the house.

I printed two versions of the feeder, the first one with WoodFill Fine filament and Chocolate Brown filament from Colorfabb.




The video of the print:

The second one was printed in Desert Tan filament from Faberdashery and Chocolate Brown filament from ColorFabb, i decided to put a real branch instead of the printed version.



As winter is coming, I installed the feeder on a window and this morning we were lucky enough to take a picture of the first visitors… who weren’t the one we expected!

20141203_101818 20141203_103433

Bird feeder 3.0 – Put on window by printednest

Published on June 4, 2014

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